Sarah's Shampoo Bar experience - An interview with a customer

Sarah's experience 

Sarah (Plus X Partners Director speaks about Greenfrog Botanic Shampoo Bars

Sarah (Partnerships Director at Plus X) discussed her opinions on Greenfrog Botanic Shampoo Bars. 

After purchasing and using our Argan & Jasmine Shampoo Bar, Sarah had some lovely things to say about them. We arranged a filming session with Sarah to share her opinions with you, and so, here's what she had to say about them:

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"I love that it’s all natural. There’s minimal wrapping so it has a really minimal, sustainable impact; I think the paper packaging basically just dissolves. It’s carbon positive, good for the environment and good for my hair."

Greenfrog Botanic Shampoo Bars order in eco friendly packaging box

"I’ll be honest, initially, I was super nervous about trying a Shampoo Bar. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money on professional hair care products to take care of my hair."

"I guess I’ve always been trained to thinking that the more you spend, the better your hair is and it’s (the bar) super cost-effective, right?"

"I’m still able to go 3-5 days without washing my hair. It feels soft, I don’t get any knots or anything in my hair. So yeah, it’s been really good."

Greenfrog Botanic Shampoo bar argan and rose oil foam and cotton bag

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