Cruelty Free - What Does It Mean Exactly?

Ever wondered what the popular label on some of your favourite products actually meant? Here is the meaning behind it...

The term Cruelty Free seen on our beauty daily products means that no products have been tested on animals. A warranty that the product you are using hasn’t harmed any animal in the production process. Public awareness rose after animal cruelty scandals had been made public.

So, what is the official, certified Cruelty Free label and how do you recognise it?

Leaping Bunny logo - Cruelty Free International

The "Leaping Bunny" Logo - Cruelty Free International

The Leaping Bunny mark from Cruelty Free International is the most trustworthy and recognisable label in the industry. Displaying it means that the company and their ingredient suppliers do not conduct or commission animal testing of their products or ingredients and means companies and their suppliers commit to and respect the Leaping Bunny standards.

Companies pay to be licensed by Cruelty Free International, and displaying the logo means they have been rigorously tested and certified, and agree to be audited every three years. To check if the company has been certified is easy, you just have to go on the Cruelty Free International website or look for the label on products.

Stay Aware

Always look for an official and certified label - be careful with when you see the term 'Cruelty Free' used without the Leaping Bunny. Any company can claim they are not testing on animals by using this term without the official label, however these companies can contract a third party to do the tests. Furthermore, some companies can make up Cruelty Free fake labels.

Cruelty Free doesn't mean Vegan

What 100% Cruelty Free products can I be sure to buy?

The best is to go for the Cruelty Free International label as it is the most trustworthy. That’s why at Greenfrog Botanic we have always been certified by Cruelty Free International to make sure our beloved furry friends are safe from animal cruelty. We have worked hard to offer you a 100% Cruelty Free range of products and will continue to do so in support of achieving a cruelty-free health and beauty industry.

Explore our range of cruelty free skin products.

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