How to keep your laundry bright white when using Soapnuts

We’ve shown you how to wash your coloured laundry using our Laundry Soapnuts, but what about whites?

Soapnuts don’t contain chemical brighteners. Because of this, after a few washes, white clothing and bedding can become more grey and yellow, even though they’re clean. This is why we wash them with Blue Indigo Powder. (Bluing)

Let's discuss how to do it when washing whites in the washing machine:

1. Place a tiny 1 fifth of a tsp of Indigo Powder in a glass jar. Make sure the lid fits well and that no water can escape.

2. Fill it up with warm water and shake it to mix. (This jar gives us enough indigo liquid for 4-5 machine loads!)

3. Add about 1/4 or 1/5 of the indigo liquid to the fabric conditioner compartment of your washing machine.

4. Add the Soapnuts as usual, contained in our organic cotton pouch.

(You can also add essential oils to your wash if you’d like, this will leave them smelling great.)

And you're done! 

If you’d like us to provide Blue Indigo Powder and Essential Oils for you to purchase along side our Laundry Soapnuts, please let us know! -

Happy washing!

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