How to use your Laundry Soapnuts

So, you would like to switch to a more sustainable, skin friendly, and planet friendly laundry detergent? We don't blame you! 

Soapnuts have been around for thousands of years and are a great natural alternative to conventional skin care products.

Here's how to use your Greenfrog Botanic Laundry Soapnuts in 3 easy steps:

(these steps can also be found in video form on our social media platforms @greenfrogbotanic)

1. Put 5-10 Soapberry Shells in the Cotton Drawstring bag provided

2. Tie the bag closed twice

3. Put the pouch in your washing machine with your laundry as normal

Greenfrog Boatnic Soapnuts Collage Tutorial

The hot (or warm) water enters the cotton pouch and releases the saponin (soap) from the soapberry shells within the bag before spreading out in the machine to naturally wash your clothes.

If you wash your clothes with cold water, you will have to soak the soapberries within the pouch in hot water beforehand for several minutes. Then, pour the soapberries and hot water in the washing machine. This is to help them release the soap and make them work as a laundry detergent.

Washing White Laundry?

Soapberries are especially good for washing coloured woollens, silk and other coloured clothing. They are completely free of chemical brighteners and bleach so bright white clothing will eventually take on a more natural colour. White clothes will not keep same bright white appearance when washed with soapberries, but you can achieve a comparable result by adding a laundry booster to your load, such as a washing soda, or lemon juice.

Re-using Soapnuts

You can use the same shells 3-5 times, or until they become thin and lose their colour which is when you can recycle them in the compost.

We hope you found this blog helpful,
happy washing!

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These worked great I was a bit dubious at first and my husband more so, but the clothes are clean after my first try with them and have now taken on board what you say about adding lemon juice or salt for stains and so great, happy to be more eco and get rid of plastic bottles. Thank you

Melanie May 11, 2022

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