How we package our Natural Shower Gel

Unsurprisingly, our Natural Shower Gel has always been popular amongst our customers. 

You know what it's made from, but do you know how it turns from a few recyclable bottles and good smelling gloop to the finished, bottled product?


Today, I'll be sharing with you how we fill, cap, and label our Natural Shower Gel, step by step.

Before you begin reading, I'd like to mention that we have a YouTube video on our channel displaying this in video form, feel free to watch it! You can find that video here

1. First, we fill the bottles using a filling machine. 


2. Once our bottles have been filled, we place them aside and begin to twist their caps on.

3. Next, we head over to the labelling machine. After placing the bottle in the correct position, each one is rolled within the appliance. Here, they're labelled with paper which is sticky on one side.

4. Finally, we collect all of the labelled bottles and prepare them for shipping.

All done! 
Plenty of blogs and YouTube videos just like this one are currently in the making so make sure to keep an eye out for them!  

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