Konjac Sponge: Asia's Natural Exfoliator

According to an ancient folklore the konjac sponge was born after a Buddhist monk fell asleep and his meal, a traditional dish using the Konjac root, froze which produced the first ever Konjac sponge! The monk then went on to spread the message of the so far unheard-of natural cleansing attributes of the Konjac plant and people all over Asia started to incorporate them into their daily lives.

The Konjac plant has been a staple in Korean, Japanese and Chinese culture for over 1500 years. The various uses of the Konjac plant extend from medicinal use over food production to skin care.

The Konjac sponge was originally created as a means to cleanse delicate baby skin but has since found its way into modern skin care for everybody. 

“Meghan Markle's go-to facialist, Charlotte Connoley swears by her konjac sponge for glowing skin worthy of a red carpet (or royal wedding)”
George Driver – Elle magazine 21/06/2018

Benefits of konjac sponge

Konjac is naturally alkaline, leaving your skin perfectly balanced. The gentle cleansing properties of our Konjac sponge offer soothing relief for acne, ingrown hairs and clogged pores. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and provides a radiant glow, therefore it is mutually beneficial to prepare your skin for the application of makeup and makeup removal.

Furthermore, Konjac sponges nourish your skin with essential antioxidants, natural minerals (iron, magnesium and zinc) and vitamins, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E which make them the ideal companion in the fight against sun-damaged skin. Experts call the Konjac sponge Asia’s natural alternative to modern exfoliating brushes which often leave sensitive skin feeling dry and irritated.

What are Konjac sponges made of?

Konjac sponges are traditionally made by adding water to 100% organic konjac root powder. The root of the Konjac plant is naturally alkaline, leaving your skin perfectly balanced.

We have further enriched our konjac facial sponges with deep cleansing charcoal, anti-oxidizing green tea or skin softening clay. Because our Konjac sponges are 100% organic, vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable they are not only good for you and your family but also for the environment.

Natural Konjac Sponge

How to use a Konjac sponge

Using a Konjac sponge might seem a little tricky as our Konjac sponges are delivered completely dry but it is surprisingly easy and fuss free, just leave it soaking in water for about 3 minutes until it is soft.

Once the sponge has soaked up the water, you can start applying it to your face and body. Small circular movements increase the blood flow and provide a deep gentle cleanse, leaving your skin smooth and glowing!

Use one of our four different Konjac sponges on their own or combine them with one of our natural body washes for an even more relaxing experience.

Cleaning your konjac sponge is just as easy as using it; just rinse it thoroughly and hang it up to dry!

As our sponges are 100% organic, natural and biodegradable they will provide a soothing gentle cleanse for around three months, if used twice a day, before they need to be replaced.

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