All of the ways to use Soapnuts

With Soapnuts being the most natural way to do your laundry while also protecting your skin, it's no surprise that they're still so popular today.

Soapberries are an amazing natural alternative to conventional skincare products and are not only safe for us, but also for the environment. 

Thanks to their cleansing properties, they have been used for centuries to wash clothes and garments; they cleanse clothes gently, leave no residue behind, and are compatible with all waste and greywater systems.

But what else can they be used for?

Many people know that Soapnuts are great for laundry, but what they don't realise is that their Soapnuts could be put to (even more) good use elsewhere.

the results of shaking Soapnuts in a jar of water

Below is a wonderful list of ways to utilise your Greenfrog Botanic soapnuts:

1. Laundry detergent 
2. Dish Soap
3. Hand Soap
4. Shampoo
5. Body Wash
6. Pet Cleaning
7. Floor cleaning
8. Window Cleaning
9. Surface cleaning
10. Mosquito Repellent
11. Skincare
Body care

and more

Remember, Soapnuts are safe for our skin, scalp, and hair but may irritate our eyes. Always make sure to prevent your eyes from coming into direct contact with them. 

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