Natural Konjac Sponge - Charcoal


Certified Vegan

Konjac sponges cleanse and exfoliate in one simple step, giving your skin a smooth and glowing look, without the harsh irritation of a physical scrub. You can use your konjac sponges twice a day: a light cleanse in the morning, and a double cleanse in the evening.

Our Charcoal konjac sponge is infused with bamboo charcoal including activated carbon and minerals that removes excess oil and kills acne-causing bacteria, making it an ideal companion for acne sufferers.

Naturally, simply, good for your skin.

  • Made from a plant!
  • Gently exfoliating
  • Enriched for your skin
  • Packed with minerals & antioxidants
  • Non-toxic
  • Free from impurities & pollutants
  • Certified Vegan
  • Environmentally smart, safe and sustainable
Natural konjac sponge, bamboo charcoal.

Cruelty FreeCertified Vegan

  • When you first use a konjac sponge, it will have a firm, tight texture, so your first step is to fill the sink with warm water and submerge the sponge for a minute or so, until it has expanded and is lovely and soft.

  • Gently squeeze out the excess water, and then it’s ready for use.

  • Once you’re done cleansing, give the sponge a final rinse and then squeeze out the excess water. Hang it up to dry properly – don’t leave it on the sink!

  • Konjac sponges harden when dry, so simply let them soak in the shower or sink for a minute to soften them up before using.

  • Konjac sponges are a natural material, so will start to biodegrade over time. If you take care of your sponge, it should last you around six to eight weeks. We recommend replacing after six to make sure your skin stays clean and healthy.