At Greenfrog Botanic we live by the 3 Es: Excellent quality premium liquid soaps, Environmental and natural products that conserve our planet,  and Ethic’s – our products are Vegan and Cruelty Free certified, using sustainable harvesting with organic certified ingredients – to protect our animals and environment. This is our Ethos.

We work by margins, which allow everyone involved in Greenfrog Botanic to be paid fairly for their work. Our next goal, as our company grows and we gain more clout through purchasing power, will move Greenfrog Botanic products towards fair trade certification.

The environment is extremely important to our brand. We are supporters of many environmental charities such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, we only use Green energy in our office and home and we are strong believers in organic and green products.

In fact, our name, Greenfrog Botanic, is derived from our ecologically green products, while the frog represents a creature that depends on clean, natural water, just like our natural soaps.

Anid BytyciEthos

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