Green Frog Botanical Soap New Years Blog 2016

Green Frog Botanics cannot believe 2016 is here this is going to be an exciting year for us, we are especially looking forward to adapting our brand to meet more of your needs! How?

Green Frogs New Year resolution is to continue to grow our 4 E’s ethos …

As you well know Green Frog are enthusiastic about cruelty free and vegan friendly  products, this is why we are in the final phases of attaining the Leaping Bunny logo and Ethical Buyer Certification on all of our botanical soap ranges, helping us maintain our ETHICALLY SOURCED philosophy.

To preserve our ENVIRONMENTAL FIRENDLY values we will continue to support environmental friendly charities and are on the search for partnerships with other organisations with similar environmental values to ourselves

Green Frog have teamed up with students from both of our local universities at Brighton and Sussex,  giving students an EXCELLENT opportunity to experience the  day to day life of Green Frog, providing them with practical experiences to develop their future careers. Likewise we will be learning from them hoping to increase the awareness of the Green Frog Botanic brand.

We aim to launch some wonderful EXCLUSIVE new botanical soaps in a few months so keep an eye out for our new natural essential oil combinations. We won’t stop there either you can meet us personally at events such as Vegfest, Whole Foods Market in London or Infinity Foods in Brighton. Keep updated via our Facebook page on upcoming dates so we catch up and discuss a few potential ideas on what more Green Frog can do for you.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Green Grog Botanic friends for all the ongoing support we have received to help us continuously grow and support shared causes throughout 2015!

Wishing you all the best for 2016 and hope to see you soon,

Green Frog Team

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AlexGreen Frog Botanical Soap New Years Blog 2016

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