Greenfrog Reviews

Sarah Peters – Cruelty FreeCorner

“My skin felt and smelt lovely after I used it”

Lyly Blog’s Life

“I’d really recommend it for anyone with eczema, sensitive skin or dry skin.”

The Vegan Lass

“Using this at night helped me unwind and switch off, and I got into bed half as hyped up as I normally am. Might I add they make you smell delicious. Thank you, Greenfrog, for making this divine potion!!”

Caring Cosmetics

“I really like the fresh citrus smell it gives off and because of this it leaves your hands feeling and smelling very clean.”

Gopi Shift OneGreenfrog Reviews

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    Gopi Shift One

    I was totally blown away by how soft my skin was after only a couple of days of using Greenfrog bodywash, and also how it helped my husbands skin irritations. These body washes are lovely to use, smell great and I now no longer have to buy additional moisturizing products! Alexandra McCabe – Company Director – Fitta Mamma – 21.1.17

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