Nick and Julie - founders of Greenfrog Botanic company

Meet Nick and Julie Bridger, parents of two young boys and Greenfrog Botanic entrepreneurs.

Originally, Nick and Julie sourced the soap ingredients when they were living in India and are now running their soapberry company in Sussex, nearly 5000 miles from where they originally started.

If you have any question about Greenfrog Botanic pop them an email to

Aaron Sweeney - GreenFrog Botanic Marketing Executive

Meet Aaron Veeder-Sweeney, our Marketing Executive

Aaron is responsible for helping to spread the mission of GreenFrog Botanic through our online ethical communities. His great insights and creative ideas help us progress towards a greener future for everyone one step at a time.

Say hello to Aaron at

“We need more brands in this world like Greenfrog Botanic, brands that are transparent, brands that people can trust while receiving a product that will successfully fulfil their needs on all levels. If more companies spent their time creating consumer-friendly products in the sense that every stage of production and consumption will benefit them and their surroundings and not simply selling a lie, the world would be a lot healthier place, which is something I personally stand for and wish to help achieve through Greenfrog.” – Aaron

Evelin Potocnik Digital Marketing at Greenfrog

Meet Evelin Potočnik, our Chief Digital Ninja

Evelin manages everything digital. She keeps our website ticking forward, creates online content and is responsible for digital marketing. She provides innovative ideas for improvement and embodies our environmental mission.

“Living together with nature is a big part of my personal philosophy. We all share the same planet so it is only fair that we all share the same responsibilities in preserving it. Greenfrog Botanic truly embodies this mission and there is nothing better than working together with like-minded people towards a common goal that we all believe in.” – Evelin

Simon Conroy part of Greenfrog Botanic team

Meet Simon Conroy, The Backbone of Greenfrog Botanic

Simon Conroy is a vital part of our Greenfrog team and has been right from the start. He helps us go in the right direction, he is vitally blunt, clear and strategic. He helps us achieve our growth targets while fully embodying our sustainable, ethical ethos.

“Greenfrog Botanic is at the right stage and at the right time to grow into the expanding market place. It will not only appeal to the health conscious and those who understand high quality ingredients, but also to those new comers, buying into the healthy and free-form market.” – Simon

Anid BytyciMeet Our Team