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With the festive period upon us, we thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate all things loving and ethical! This is a time of year when all the family and friends come together to enjoy great food, company, and conversation. Appreciating how lucky we are to have such love in our lives. Here at Greenfrog we actively share this and never forget how important such values are in our lives, and in our business.

Starting in a bustling city called Delhi where we discovered our magical soapberry, to our home on the south coast of the UK, we have kept our ethos of the four E’s: excellent quality soaps, environmental and natural products that help conserve our planet, ethically 100% vegan to help protect our animals, and an exclusive, unique, premium product.

All our soaps are of the most excellent quality. We have the most top quality ingredients, including our Aloe Vera, and our primary ingredient the Soapberry, both being organic. With each scent individually picked out by us, we tailor the best aromatherapy combination for your wellbeing.

At Greenfrog, environmental issues and ethical living are very close to our hearts. We use green energy in our business and in our homes. Made in the UK on the south coast, all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, so rather than picking off the soapberry directly from the tree, we wait until it has fallen, naturally.  Our soaps are also recyclable, so you can be safe knowing that you are contributing to natural resources. Working in such a business that has these values is important to everyone here at Greenfrog.

There are no nasty chemicals in our soaps. They are amazing for treating eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin because of our magical botanical soap- the soapberry- so they make wonderful presents because you know that there is nothing irritating in our soaps.

As well as the environment and the future of our planet, we care about the life on our planet now. This is why our soaps are 100% vegan, as we don’t want our soaps to contain any sort of animal produce. We don’t test on animals either. We’d rather have purely natural ingredients in our soaps that don’t require any extra nasty chemicals.

Our soaps are also exclusive. With top quality ingredients, and beautiful, elegant packaging, we bring to you a premium product, made with love and care.

This is just a little insight into our values, and what’s important to us here at Greenfrog. Feel free to share with us what values are important to you.

Have a great Christmas!


Alex 🙂

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AlexBlogging about our values

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