Laundry Soapberries – Natural Laundry Detergent



⦁ 100% Natural, Unprocessed, Certified Organic Soapberries (Soapnuts)
⦁ Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial and Antifungal
⦁ Great for All Skin Types (including sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis)
⦁ Environmentally Friendly and 100% Biodegradable (perfect for compost!)
⦁ 0% Additives, Parabens, or other chemicals

We would never deliberately put chemicals on our skin, so why put it on our clothes? Soapberries (soapnuts) offer the most natural way to do your laundry and are very gentle on your skin – perfect for sensitive skin, allergies and babies. Plus you can safely put them on compost after use. Of course we only use highest quality, certified organic soapnuts, sustainably grown on the Indian Himalayan foothills to offer the finest natural laundry detergent.  As an agricultural economist,  Nick, our founder, is very keen on this.

We deliver our soapberries stored in biodegradable plastic within unbleached cotton outer bags and include 1 or 2 free unbleached cotton washing pouches. Available in three quantities:
250g – for at least 25 family washes (1 washing pouch)
500g – for at least 50 family washes (1 washing pouch)
1kg – for at least 100 family washes (2 washing pouches)

Please see the description tab on information about how to use soapberries for doing laundry.

Directions for use

To use them as a natural laundry detergent, you put 5-10 soapberry shells in the small cotton washing pouch and tie it closed. Then simply pop the pouch in your washing machine with your laundry and run as normal. The hot (or warm) water enters the cotton pouch and releases the saponin (soap) from the soapberry shells within the bag, that then spreads out in the machine and naturally washes your clothes. If you wash your clothes with cold water, you will have to soak the soapberries in the pouch in hot water beforehand for several minutes and pour soapberries with the water in the washing machine. That is to help them release the soap and make them work as a laundry detergent. You can use the same shells 3-5 times, or until they become fiddle, thin and lose their colour which is when you can recycle them in the compost. Brilliant!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hot Water or Cold Water?
Soapberries will work best with hot or warm water, however, hot water will reduce the number of uses you can get from one soapberry. Washing your clothes purely with cold water is not guaranteed to give the best results, so it is better to first soak the soapberries in hot water beforehand for several minutes and then putting both, the soapberry pouch and the water in the washing machine.

Are Soapberries Strong Enough Detergent to Remove Stains?
Soapberries are perfectly suitable for daily laundry needs, but for tougher stains, you might need to pre-treat and soak your clothes. You can use washing soda as a laundry booster and soak the clothes in the washer for several minutes before completing the cycle. While this might seem like more work, it is a small sacrifice to make for a more chemical-free future.

What About White Laundry?
Soapberries are especially good for washing coloured woolens, silk and other coloured clothing. Because they are completely free of chemical brighteners and bleach, bright white clothing will eventually take on a more natural colour, however colours will keep their brightness for longer. White clothes will not have the same chemically white appearance when washed with soapberries, but you can achieve a comparable result by adding a laundry booster to your load, such as a washing soda, or lemon juice.

Why a Soapberry?

Soapberries (or soapnuts) are soap made by nature. They have been used for centuries for washing the whole body due to its excellent compatability with the pH of the skin and its natural ability to create lather.

Soapberries also have magical qualities. They have been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat eczema, soft, sensitive and dry skin. These qualities make soapberries chemical-free plant-based soap: A gift from Mother Nature. We do not add any nasty chemicals, parabens, sulphates or palm oil.

Find out more about magical qualities of soapberries here.

Caring for the Environment

Our certified organic soapberries are grown sustainably in the mighty Himalayan mountains of the East, contributing not only to your chemical-free life but also supporting the restoration of the natural biodiversity in Himalaya.

All our products are 100% biodegradable and have minimal ecological impact.

Find out more about Greenfrog Botanic efforts for a sustainable future here.