Why we are Palm Oil free

Palm Oil is a vegetable oil derived from the pulp of palm fruit from a plant native to west and Southwest Africa, it also exists unsustainably in Central Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Sumatra.

Approximately 50 million tons of palm oil is produced annually, supplying over 30% of the world’s vegetable oil production. It is found in about 40-50% household products in the world.

Palm oil is bad for the environment because tropical rainforests with high conservation values, where many wonderful creatures and wildlife live, have been cleared to allow for destructive oil palm plantations. Establishing this plantation has serious negative impacts on our environment such as air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion and increasing negative impacts on climate change.

The destruction and removal of native forests involves the burning of timber and forest undergrowth, emitting huge amounts of smoke into the atmosphere. Consequently, Indonesia is the third highest greenhouse gas emitter in the world

Animal wildlife greatly suffer as their homes are taken away and they are injured and killed during deforestation. The species most harmed are orang-utans during the production of the plantation and harvesting. It is estimated that tens of thousands of orang-utans- over 90%-and countless other animals including the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sun Bear, Pygmy Elephant, Clouded Leopard and Proboscis Monkey have already died in the last 20 years as a result deforestation due to palm oil.

The orang-utan plays a vital role in maintaining the health of the ecosystem, essential for the existence of the forest. In particular, the spread of rainforest seeds, as they only germinate once they have passed through the gut of an orang-utan. As a consequence of palm oil production destroying their habitat, a  third of all mammal species in Indonesia are considered to be critically endangered.

Palm oil plantations are disastrous for many local communities as their livelihoods are ignored for the sake of the industry, and they often have no choice other than to work for the industry in horrible conditions for little money. The palm oil industry is also linked to major human rights violations, including child labour in remote areas of Indonesia and Malaysia.  Children are forced to carry large loads, weed fields, heavy fruit and spend hours every day collecting fruit from the plantation floor. It is an extremely difficult job where children receive little or no pay for their work.

Sustainable palm oil is no more than a non- profit organisation, it still doesn’t ban deforestation for the sake of palm oil plantations.


At Greenfrog, we care about the environment which is why our products are completely palm oil free. We use green energy in our office as well as our homes.




'New Britain Oil Palm Limited' palm plantation, near Kimbe, West New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea, Wednesday 24th September 2008.


AlexWhy we are Palm Oil free

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