We're Vegan Certified

Greenfrog Botanic are Certified Vegan!

Vegan body care products are both cruelty-free and natural. This means that they give you the double benefit of being kind to animals as well as avoiding the harsh chemicals found in other body care products. 

All Greenfrog Botanic products are now Certified Vegan.

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Why use Vegan products on your skin?

1. Skin absorbs around 60% of anything you apply to it. Animal-based products often contain synthetic and artificial ingredients as well as uric acid (extracted from cows) and carmine (extracted from crushed insects).

2. Vegan skin/body care products are rich in Vitamins such as B, C, and E, which assist in cell regeneration. This will keep your skin looking young and vibrant.

3. Natural, Vegan Beauty Products are Good for the Planet
If you're like us, you aim to live sustainably. Using our environmentally friendly products means that you're keeping plastic out of landfills, as well as our oceans (thanks to our eco-friendly packaging) while simultaneously keeping your skin chemical-free. 

Greenfrog botanic Shampoo Bar closeup shot of Argan and Jasmine Bar with other scented bars behind it Greenfrog Botanic Natural Body Lotion

For more information about our products, please explore our other blogs, product descriptions, and social media pages. 

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