Ethical Blog – 10th January 2016

At Greenfrog, we care for the beautiful wildlife of our planet. As a company we believe it is important for our soaps to be Vegan. We are also in the process of gaining the Leaping Bunny Logo and the Ethical Buyer certification. This means that none of our soaps have any sort of animal produce contained in them, and of course, we don’t test our soaps on animals. This ethos is important to all of us working at Greenfrog- we want our soaps to contain no nasty chemicals and be kind to your skin, why would we want to put anything harmful in that would need to be tested?

There has been much progress made since March 2013 when a new European Union law was put into action that made it illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe. In many countries it is illegal for companies to test on animals for use of cosmetics. However, it doesn’t stop companies testing on animals outside of Europe and selling them in other markets. Therefore, companies can still gain a profit from cruelty to animals outside of Europe. Also, ingredients used in cosmetics may still be tested on animals in the EU under REACH (the world’s largest chemical testing programme).

Harsh chemicals, carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptor’s that are used in many cosmetics can cause allergies, irritations, rashes and worse. They are often not needed and there is most often a more natural alternative.

With Greenfrog Botanic, you can safely know that our products do not contain any sort of animal produce and are not tested on animals 🙂

Alex 🙂






AlexEthical Blog – 10th January 2016

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  1. Delwyn Gore

    I love what you are doing providing ecological products for us all at the same time taking care of this beautiful planet of ours.
    Mega thanks,

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