How Do Soapnuts Work?

Our Natural Laundry Soapnuts come from the fruit of a tree. Interestingly, "Soapnuts" actually refers to fruit, not a nut. This fruit skin contains a very high level of a natural detergent called Saponin.

Soanut Tree With Sopnuts Growing

When water is added to the Soapnuts, Saponin penetrates the fabric, dissolves the grime and dirt, then carries it away in the rinse cycle. This works the same way that conventional chemical laundry detergents work.

Greenfrog Botanic Natural Laundry Soapnuts in jar of soapy soapnut water

The main benefits of our Laundry Soapnuts:

  • Our Soapnuts save on grocery bills as they work out to be around 5p a wash load
  • Our packaging contains no plastic and is 100% compostable as the print colour is made from vegetable dye
  • Like many of our products, our Soapnuts are amazing for all skin types, including sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, and even babies
  • Our 1kg bag provides enough Soapnuts for 300-350 washes
  • Soapnuts are reusable. You can use them 3-4 times before putting them on the compost
  • There are over 12 ways to use your Soapnuts (here is a blog on our website with all of the ways to use them)
Greenfrog Botanic 1kg Bag of Soapnus sitting in drum of washing machine

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