Neroli's benefits to your skin

Neroli oil is non toxic and perfectly safe for sensitive skin. It moisturizes dry skin and helps reduce the appearance of scarring as well as marks. Neroli can be blended and used with other essential oils which make it an amazing product for beauty products. It can relieve occasional itchiness and skin irritation such as psoriasis or eczema which can be hard to relieve.

In general Neroli oil keeps your skin health intact and gives you soft, baby skin after regular use.

Neroli properties are: rejuvenating, regenerating, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiseptic, and is ideal for acne and oily skin as well as dry skin.

Neroli comes come the orange blossom tree

Why Greenfrog Botanic uses Neroli

Despite the fact that Neroli oil is one of the most expensive of all the essential oils available, we use this particular oil for all the benefits it gives to your skin.

A daily use of Neroli helps you recovering and keeping your skin health and moisturized.

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What is Neroli?

Neroli oil comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, called Citrus Aurantium. It's scent is sweet, honeyed and a bit metallic with a hint of spice. Orange blossom is also extracted from the same blossom. Both are used in perfumery for their natural scent power. Essentially, orange blossom and neroli sound the same - so why two names?

Neroli and Orange Blossom

What makes them different?
The difference between neroli and orange blossom is the results of the process of extraction that is used to get the oil from the blossom.

Neroli is extracted by steam distillation whilst orange blossom is extracted via a process of enfleurage, which consists of using odorless fats that are solid at room temperature to capture the fragrant compounds produced by the plants.

The word Neroli comes from Anna Marie Orsini, the Italian princess of Nerola in of the 17th century, who was said to regularly use Neroli in her bath as a perfume.


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