Why Use Shampoo Bars?

Liquid shampoo (contained in plastic bottles) is very popular today, despite the fact that it was only invented at the end of the 20th century. Before then, people used solid soap to wash their hair. 

Greenfrog Botanic shampoo bar foam in hands

In recent decades, especially in recent years, the popularity of solid shampoo has resurfaced. Here's why:

1. Shampoo bars are much better for the environment 

Shampoo bars save on plastic entirely as they don't require bottles. This means that less plastic ends up in landfill and in our oceans. 

Turtle and fish surrounded by plastic in ocean

2. They're perfect for travel

Shampoo bars are perfect for travelling with as you don't have to worry about any spillage or liquid restrictions. Not only this, but they're small and can be carried anywhere in a travel tin. 

Greenfrog Botanic shampoo bar travel tin open

3. Shampoo bars are very concentrated

Unlike liquid shampoo, shampoo bars last a really long time because they're way more concentrated. This means that you can use less shampoo per wash and still expecting extremely cleansing results while eliminating the hassle of throwing away shampoo bottles every couple of weeks.

Greenfrog Botanic shampoo bars in box

4. They're cheaper than bottled Shampoo 

Our shampoo bars give you 50 washes. This means, if you currently wash your hair 1-2 times a week, 1 Shampoo Bar would last you 6 whole months, making your annual cost of Shampoo just £9.90

With Shampoo bars being more concentrated than bottled shampoo, there's no need to buy shampoo as frequently. Therefore, you will end up saving lots of money over time. 

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